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Clothing Brands

Here's a roundup of our main clothing brands, we pick and choose the best from others but these are our core brands here at FOR bikes. 


akta MTB is a rider-owned brand that puts all of its efforts into producing the best mountain bike apparel. They focus on using premium recycled materials, fit, function and quality over fashion trends.  Being based in Vancouver, BC, allows them access to endless world class trails for testing and inspiration.


In 2001 a Dr Leatt witnessed the death of a fellow moto rider and friend. Dr Leatt stopped his son from riding and decided to make a device to prevent neck injuries. In 2004 the first neck brace was made which later got incarnated into MTB form and with the Leatt Lab they continued to inovate riding safety gear.


Chromag like designing stuff themselves. That’s how they started, by making the frames and parts they always wanted. It starts with their our own personal use and extends to the community in one of the best testing environments in the world, in the rugged Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. As they grow they're continually evolving and refining their designs and expanding product offerings. 

See the gear here

Pit Viper

Pit Viper is here to party.  

Sunrise to sunset, reef breaks to ridge lines, holeshots to holy shit, they build the functional, fun-loving gear that is serious about taking things less seriously.